Jordan's CoverJordan Furlong has been a professional colleague and close friend for many years. His passion for understanding the legal profession is unmatched. Perhaps that’s why he is in demand to speak to prestigious organizations and firms throughout the world.
His new book, Law Is a Buyer’s Market: Building a Client-First Law Firm (available in print and Kindle versions) is a must-read for firm leaders and anyone else who has a concern about the future of the legal profession.
Jordan is highly critical of the widespread notion among law firms that they can simply tweak one or two aspects of their business and everything will be fine. He points out that client demand and the competitive environment have radically changed in the last five to ten years, and he says that in response, law firms need to seriously rethink their approach to their clients and reconsider aspects of their business models. “The smart firms are fundamentally rethinking who they are and what they do,” Jordan says.
In Law Is a Buyer’s Market, Jordan expresses his ideas with passion and vigour. He outlines his beliefs about the legal marketplace, and then he prescribes how law firms can best cope with an evolution that they did not invite but is nevertheless upon them.
Will you agree with every element of Jordan’s views? Probably not, but you will without any doubt experience an intense catalyst that will change your thinking about this profession now and forevermore.
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