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Workshop #2
Leading Your Hybrid Law Firm
Gerry Riskin
, Founding Principal and Chairman, Edge InternationalIs hybrid work here to stay? How can we ensure productivity and accommodate remote work? What resources and tools are needed? Join your fellow law firm leaders for a candid freestyle discussion on the intended and unintended consequences of the hybrid workplace. The session will focus on your role as a firm leader and cover issues such as:

*Personal preferences about remote working

*The evolving needs of teams, practice groups and industry groups

*Demographical differences in multi-office firms

*Maintaining the culture

*Retaining talent

*Satisfying demanding clients

*Predicting real estate markets (office space)

*Calculating ROI on reconfiguring offices (pros and cons)

*Managing profitability

*Measuring productivity of remote working against offsetting damage it can cause

*Protecting, maintaining and strengthening the culture

*Professional development (career advancement)

*Supervising client work and advice at a distance

*Ensuring team members build on essential digital skills to make their lives easier

*Role modeling: “Do as I do, not as I say”

*Ensuring adequate training and retention

*Overcoming the increasing challenges making it harder to maintain well-being


PASSWORD for presentation will be provided by Gerry Riskin in the session