An initiative for focusing on the creation of new wealth by creating new markets, new clients and new revenue streams. This is about designing and executing ultimate competitive strategies.


In his groundbreaking research, Dr. David H. Maister studied 139 professional firms in 15 countries to discover the characteristics that make some firms more profitable than others. He found a direct correlation between the attitudes of the organization and its employees and profits. With Dr. Maister’s blessing, we are now able to back your firm into the global study to determine how you rank and where you can get the greatest boost to profitability with the smallest investment of your precious resources.


PracticeCoach is an action-planning management system that enables practice group members to articulate their goals, understand what steps need to be taken, and transform those steps into specific, focused efforts with measurable outcomes. This program features David Maister and includes him in “hands on support” for the program.


Because Today’s Competitive Challenges Demand A New Standard Of Performance. Historically, as trained professionals, we have been in great awe of those few individuals in the profession who seemed to possess the magical powers to attract and retain clients. Many of us have been under the impression that these abilities must emanate from some secret source of knowledge, accessible only to a select few. Rainmaking allows the training of up and coming lawyers as well as senior target marketing teams. This program is fully focussed on getting results.


“Existing clients are a good firm’s most important resource. Declining client loyalties and the trend towards consolidating of professional service providers make it more important each day to protect existing clients from competitors. This program is customized to the needs of each firm. To date, thi sprogram has been utilized with client teams serving some of the largest and most prestigeous clients in the world.”

Successful Lawyer

“The Successful Lawyer is a veritable encyclopedia that will lead you to a more successful practice. It addresses fully fifty topics in the 6-CD set. Especially designed to be easy to listen to, each topic applies directly to your own practice. Listen to it at your convenience, in your car on your way to work, on your walkman while exercising or in the privacy of your own home.” (This program is now offered exclusively through the American Bar Association – kindly contact Gerry for details.)

Speaking Engagements

Gerry speaks regularly from Australia to South Africa to the UK to the US and Canada and occasionally elsewhere. Kindly see the speaking schedule for more particulars.

Annual Retreats

Gerry has facilitated annual retreats for many of the top firms in the world from the UK to South Africa, the USA, the Far East, including the former Soviet Union. These retreats are highly customized depending on the specific objectives of the firm.


Gerry has coached Managing Partners, Senior Partners, Partners requiring remedial assistance, as well as executive committees and boards of law firms. Personal and confidential arrangements are made with those who want their practices to overcome challenges or simply rise to the next level.
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