If you are a lawyer and you use a Mac (even if you only use it at home) and you do not already know Ben Stevens of The Mac Lawyer Blog, then allow me to introduce you.

Ben is a bright Spartanburg, South Carolina, lawyer with an all Mac-based practice.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Financial Management and a minor in Accounting in addition to his law degree. 

You may want to start with Productivity Programs For Mac Lawyers and then scan a few other of his extremely helpful posts.  There is not a chance in the world that you will (or should) resist subscribing to his site.
(Gerry’s) DISCLAIMER:  I am a stark raving mad Apple zealot having acquired my first Mac in 1984 as a Managing Partner and I have not missed an Apple beat since.  My close friends and business associates, (except for the enlightened ones who also use Macs) remind me that there are many people who just don’t understand.  That’s OK.   I do not apologize for my enthusiasm but perhaps I should for my dogma.  By the way, new Macs will run Windows at the same time as the Apple operating system so compatibility is an excuse relegated to history.