A story today, Price-cutting by law firms hurting business, in the business section of the Bangkok Post reinforces yet again that law firms face the same issues almost anywhere in the world you find them. (The lawyer interviewed may use the “cake” metaphor instead of “pie”, but his message is a familiar refrain). “The world of law, it turns out, has not been immune to price wars” says Charin Satchayan, a partner with a prominent Bangkok law firm. He goes on to say that “…it’s a situation in which everyone is after the same piece of cake… The cake in this case is the high end legal work coveted by all the major firms: “particularly mergers and acquisitions and public offerings in energy and mineral resource, insurance and real estate.” 010905_bus06.jpg Mr. Charin’s wise counsel would benefit most firms in most markets: “All law firms have similar backgrounds in general legal knowledge. However, it takes experience built up over years for individuals to gather expertise in particular areas. And I believe every law firm should build its own strengths and find a niche that it can do best”.