The Artificial Lawyer reports on another significant move by a Big Four accounting firm into legal territory with EY Law‘s installation of an AI document review system at its offices around the world.

A February 9, 2019 post in The Artificial Lawyer states that “EY Law, which has over 2,000 lawyers across 81 jurisdictions, will use the system across its legal advisory and managed legal services (MLS) groups.”

This is only the latest advance by one of the world’s Big Four accounting firms into legal practice, where they are particularly focused – at least for the moment – on immigration law and technology-assisted legal work. Dentons’ global chairman Joe Andrew has described these initiatives as a “Trojan Horse.”

I recently encouraged readers to check out a podcast by LegalSpeak that examines the question of whether or not recent forays into the legal arena by the accounting industry’s Big Four actually comprise a significant threat, particularly to Big Law. (The answer is “Yes.”) If you didn’t listen to it then, I encourage you to do so now.

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