AdamSmithHardWorkingBanner868x150.jpg Bruce MacEwen mentioned his attendance at our global Edge International meeting in London last weekend (see his post Dateline London). What his modesty prevents him from telling you is that his own presentation was “killer”. His inspired ideas have already found their way into a discussion with a large network of European law firms (earlier today in London). The idea proposed by Bruce called for the use of private blogs and wikis behind a firewall. Why not allow blog technology to intuitively drive knowledge capturing and why not let wikis create private knowledge repositories. (I don’t plan to discuss his ideas in detail — besides, he’d explain it much better than I could anyway.) Suffice to say that at Edge, we think his ideas “rock”.) If our client likes the concept, we’ll see if Bruce will collaborate in creating a preliminary model and help us demonstrate it. From there, who knows… Collaboration in the blogosphere is now going well beyond the theoretical — “Ideas into action”