tomlomo.jpg Tom Peters wrote In Search of Excellence and changed the way we look at business forever. He has written many other business best sellers since, like “Re-imagine!”. (For a more thorough list, check out some of his other publications at the Wow! Store. Most law firm leaders are too busy to read business books – OK, you can be forgiven… but at least subscribe to Tom Peter’s Blog and get the benefit of some of his awesome thinking (and from a few of the people he respects). Take a look at his blog: The Pinnacle of “Change Management” and see what I mean. Food for Thought: Guard against the reaction that “this stuff” does not apply to law firms – that law firms are different. Instead, ask yourself, “how might this apply – what elements transcend business and apply to professional service firms?” I believe that the prize will go to those who import ideas from outside our profession… and apply them in an imaginative way. Tom Peters can help you do that.