“How Lawyers Work” series at The Lawyerist

The Lawyerist has introduced an interesting series of profiles of individual lawyers called “How Do Lawyers Work?”

Not only do I find it intriguing to look into the work lives of other legal practitioners and discover what digital tools and programs they find most useful to their practices, it is also a fun exercise to answer The Lawyerist‘s questions yourself, and see how your answers compare to those of others.

Here are some of the questions the series poses:

  • What apps or tools are essential to your daily workflow?
  • What does your workspace look like?
  • What is one thing that you listen to/read/watch that everyone should?

Other questions relate to such critical matters as deadlines and coffee sources.

Here are two examples of the interviews The Lawyerist has published so far:

You can check out others by clicking here, or on the image from The Lawyerist above.

I welcome your thoughts on this or any other law-related subject, either through the comments below or directly via email.