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Dr. Mark Goulston

The passing of Mark Goulston is a very personal and private matter for me… we have been close friends for some time.  

Mark was a celebrity, and therefore I share his loss with so many he touched.

I have been asked to share some memories which I am honored to do.  (Those of you who knew Mark well will know that I am hearing his voice coaching me on how to do this.)

Mark earned the admiration of so many. He did that through his books, speeches, professional practice, membership in organizations, friendships, all the way down to his breakfast group which as some of you know included the likes of Larry King for a period of years.

Conversation with Mark allowed one to experience that special feeling of being the only person in the world who mattered.  Mark defined “being present”.

I called upon Mark for his sage advice and guidance in my professional consulting practice to the legal profession. As I encountered situations that seemed to be dead ends, he would effortlessly show me another path or two.  He had questions to suggest I ask that would part the waters in biblical proportion.

Mark was selfless. He could not comprehend focusing on what benefited him unless you include benefiting from helping so many others. 

Mark greatest gift to me was making the time and effort to hang out with me.

On the day of his passing, I sent him a note letting him know when I would next be in LA so we could conspire on when to get together.

I was heartbroken to learn only a few hours later that the in-person meeting planned in February would not happen.

Here is what WILL happen.

I will be meeting with Mark frequently. I will be visiting his legacy materials by way of books, articles and posts and even his recent TikTok series called “I’m dying to tell you”.

I will also be with Mark in moments of quiet contemplation when I will speculate on the advice he would give me extrapolating from the abundance of wisdom he shared with me during his lifetime.  

On a personal note, in moments of self-doubt, I will remember and be fortified by the generosity of his appreciation of me.  I will endlessly be grateful for the privilege of having him as my friend and I will appreciate him continuously and endlessly.