This is a quote of Craig Barrett, the chief executive of Intel, in three time Pullitzer Prize winner Thomas L. Friedman’s column in the New York Times yesterday.

Friedman goes on to say that

“[Intel] can now hire the best brain talent “wherever it resides.”

Food for thought: After you read Friedman’s full article, ask yourself why you and I can’t be replaced by someone offshore (except, of course, that I already am offshore). The other serious question is, are we going to keep hiring for our law firms “the way we’ve always done it” or should we perhaps be paying a little closer attention to Andy Havens when he blogs about offshore talent for law firms in his Outsourcing blog.

The operative question is: To what extent can your law firm be totally successful without ever hiring another American (Canadian, British, Australian – you get the idea) lawyer? Should you consider moving in that direction, and if so, to what extent?