LW_1603_p0401-00.jpg Richard Susskind says:

the ‘really exciting stuff’ [is] due to take place in the next decade

Richard goes on to say:

By and large, most lawyers have now got their BlackBerrys, they Google regularly, and they think they are on their way — the transformation has occurred,” he said. “The plumbing is in place, the infrastructure is in place, and the really exciting stuff that will go to the heart of legal services, the heart of legal process, is coming in the next decade.

Read the entire article titled: Susskind predicts a decade of crucial growth for law firm IT in Legal Week FASTFORWARD: Susskind is the thought leader on law firm technology. He is worth watching and reading because our collective guesses as to where law firm technology is going are likely limited by our natural preoccupation with what we know as opposed to what will be. See my two previous Susskind-related posts: The Future of Law Books, and Guru Richard Susskind Speaks – We Should Listen