Photo: Marilyn Shaw. Used with permission

Meet my friend James Patrick Guy II.

Jim Guy is chair of the Law Practice Management Division of the Virginia Bar Association, and energy industry team leader at the LeClair Ryan law firm.

He is also the lead singer of the Irish-American pub band, Uisce Beatha.

I have had the privilege of knowing Jim both professionally and personally for a number of years, and I have several times enjoyed watching his band perform at their regular haunt, The Rare Olde Times Pub, in Richmond, VA. Sometimes during a break, Jim and I get a chance to talk and he occasionally reflects upon the similarities between being a performer/ band leader and a lawyer/industry group leader – two complex roles at which he excels.

Now, thanks to the Virginia Bar Journal, I can share some of his reflections with you.

Five law practice management lessons I learned singing in bars

My favorite is number three, but all five of them are fantastic. I’m not going to let you see a summary here because I want you to read the article. It will take you two minutes to read it, 30 minutes to reflect upon it, and a lifetime to implement it.

Thanks, Jim, for your wisdom – and for being you.