Lovells has more than 1600 lawyers in 26 offices worldwide and according to RollOnFriday "the firm has signed a deal with Cass Business School and from next month, lawyers who’ve been at the firm for around two years will take a two year business foundation course in the evenings. Once this is completed, they’ll spend three years studying three MBA electives. Some lawyers will then be sponsored to complete a full MBA"

Lovells joins several other major law firms in obtaining significant supplementary education for their lawyers either in house or by arrangement with a prestigious school.   While this behavior may not be commonplace, it is certainly a trend to watch.

Food for thought:  Ask yourself why a law firm would make this kind of investment.  I suspect it has to do with profession-wide declining client satisfaction scores and the number one concern of top clients that law firms simply don’t understand their business.  You have to give credit to Lovells for this initiative – I hope it pays off for them and will therefore be emulated.