feed-icon32x32.png Can you define and differentiate among these terms:

Intellectual Capital? Human Capital ? Relationship Capital? Reputational Capital? Economic Capital? Structural Capital


The immediate reaction may be “those things are too subjective to be valued” or “even if they could be valued, that value would be diminimous.” But anyone who has been involved in evaluations and appraisals knows that a value can be assigned to anything and usually with surprising accuracy. Consider the value of each area of capital independently…

For the answers, please read today’s post by my friend and EDGE INTERNATIONAL Colleague, Ed Wesemann, on his CREATING DOMINANCE blog: The Value of Partnership: Making the Hole Smaller WARNING: Watch out for a golf analogy or two – Ed lives with his wonderful wife Jan on a golf course in Savannah, Georgia — apparently the holes on that course are alive and can behave like camera apertures.