This isn’t entirely a joke. Some Managing Partners may think their appointment was divinely inspired but almost all report that their partners neither show an appropriate level of respect nor comply with many of their requests.

Well Managing Partners, you may not be alone. According to his religion, the election of the late Pope was divinely inspired. Notwithstanding that, according to a BBC account, Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, the personal secretary of the late Pope John Paul II, says he has not burned the former pontiff’s personal papers as the Pope had requested.

In the church to which Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz belongs, the Pope was the closest living mortal to a diety, (even fast tracked to Sainthood by the newly elected Pope). Yet, Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz is reported to have failed to accede to his late employer’s request. Does he think like partners in law firms that he can simply ignore his leader? On what basis? I guess the same basis that partners in most law firms feel that there is no rule or law that the partnership or Managing Partner can make that would apply to them… that their discretion is the true diety.

Not only does he want to preserve what he was asked to destroy, he wants to broadcast the contents on Polish radio. Is nothing sacred (pun very much intended)?

Food for Thought: This is rather ironic, don’t you think? Andersen went down for destroying papers only to be vindicated by the US Supreme Court – and it looks like Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz can unilaterally disobey the Pope and NOT destroy papers – with no apparent consequences – well, at least none that have been reported so far. (Perhaps the real consequences will occur at the pearly gates… for the Andersen crew, the Archbishop – and maybe even for your partners.)

So, Managing Partners, even if your election had been inspired by your Creator, most of your partners wouldn’t listen to you anyway. Feel better?