Greg George, Managing Partner of top security firm GTI Advisors Threat Management Practice Group has created a comprehensive due diligence report — among his many recommendations, he suggests that businesses consult a law firm  – is your law firm ready to answer that call?  SECURITY may be a lucrative future-oriented practice area awaiting your firm.

I recommend:

1)  Check out GTI Advisors Threat Management Practice Group

2)  Download (free) and read Beyond Due Diligence

3) Note the section "Qualified Legal Counsel Is Worth Every Penny" on page 18.

4) Discuss this in your firm and explore an appropriate strategy before you are left in the dust by forward thinking firms that will.

Footnote: Determine if you are the cobbler with no shoes (when it comes to security) — perhaps your law firm could use a few of the amazing ideas in this document as well.

Note:  For international clients, this piece is clearly written for American audiences but I believe the vast majority of the content will be useful regardless of your location.