For law firm managing partners, executive committee members, marketing partners, practice group leaders, industry group leaders, chief marketing officers, chief technology officers, executive directors and other folks involved in the management of your law firm, there is a gentleman who holds an MBA from Stanford, and who was called “the Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age” by Business Week. sethportrait.jpg Seth Godin is a New York Times best selling author. You really ought to read his books and subscribe to his blog. In the meantime, he published a gem today… a catalyst for thought. He makes a point from which there is no escape. Only the gifted self-deceivers will be able to convince themselves that his post does not apply to them. We are famous within law firms for discounting ideas that do not originate in million-dollar-per-partner-profit firms. Maybe if we spent a little more time listening to the fresh ideas from people like Seth and thinking about how to apply what he says, our per-partner profits would soar. You know what, I will not quote from his blog — it’s short enough already — please read it all… “The Mediocre Emergency” Thank you, Seth.