Water bottlesA recent article in USA Today suggests that, in the same way that craft beers have transformed the face of beer production and sales in recent years, the manufacturing and retail landscape for soft drinks may be changing.

Zlati Meyer writes, “[It  is] unique formulations that are at the heart of the growing segment of ‘craft soda,’ fizzy concoctions that are starting to make an impact in the $52.5 billion U.S. soft drink market.”

The author goes on to point out that “artisanal” or “small batch” soda producers are positioning themselves to move into the market gap that has been created by consumer concerns about the health risks of traditional soda pop.

Craft beer production opened up significant and profitable new areas of legal practice. Is the same thing likely to happen in the “craft soda” market? Are there other, parallel developments in the marketplace that lawyers should be watching?

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