If you have ever become flustered or agitated under pressure –  and who hasn’t? – you might want to read the profile of Franz-Joseph (FJ) Miller that was recently published on Inc. Miller is the founder and CEO of the time:matters Group, a “high-stakes logistics company” that prides itself on “perfect delivery, every time.”

Kevin Dunn, who interviewed Miller for his podcast and the article, describes time:matters as “a business dedicated to providing emergency assistance with over 500 destinations in 90 countries to companies like Siemens, Volkswagen and DHL [Express]… delivering everything from jet engines to stem cells under conditions of huge uncertainty.” Obviously, the mandate of this company practically guarantees that stress will be part of every transaction.

So how does Miller avoid the debilitating downsides of the pressure-based anxieties that characterize so many business encounters? Dunn shares a few of Miller’s “secrets,” which include “Create a culture of adaptability, not perfection,” and “Plan to manage. Don’t manage to plan.” A “culture of adaptability” requires flexible team members who are willing and able to change their approaches depending on the circumstances, and adaptability is also the key to “planning to manage” because, as Miller says, “You can’t plan every situation” in advance.

Although managing legal matters is very different from delivering spare parts to Moldova on time, the human response – stress – that often accompanies such undertakings is likely to be the same. Check out Miller’s five strategies to see if there is something you can add to your own approach to stress-management.

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