This shocking story is absolutely true. If you are curious about how one of the world’s great law firms is going to end up on a medieval burial chamber, read all about it at a fabulous web site called “Roll on Friday” which typically contains four or five cool stories about London firms each week… the UK wit is priceless. Here’s a teaser: according to Roll on Friday, this is an Allen & Overy lawyer settling into a new office. skeleton at work2.jpg If you liked this story, you’ll love some of the other stories like: Angry Frenchman demonstrates outside Clifford Chance Dundas hands out 」1million in bonuses Aussie law firm gives staff bonus in shoes *New QC selection process announced Lawyer in Rottweiler guide dog scam You can subcribe by email — these people don’t know what RSS is yet. * for American readers, QC is Queen’s Counsel… an honour bestowed in the name of the Queen on lawyers in commonwealth jurisdictions. QC’s are entitled to wear silk barristers robes in court and therefore QC’s are referred to colloquially as “silks”