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Dr. Mark Goulston is an eminent psychiatrist who for 35 years dedicated his practice to preventing suicide. In all of those years, he did not lose one patient to the outcome he worked so hard to prevent.

In addition, Mark trained hostage negotiators for the FBI and is the author of a number of bestselling books including “Just Listen“ which was the subject of a global speaking tour.

In his acclaimed podcast, “My Wakeup Call“, Mark interviews a wide array of individuals from celebrities to authors to others credited with accomplishments in a wide array of disciplines.

His first podcast featured his dear friend, the late Larry King, with whom he had breakfast every morning for the last couple of years of Larry’s life.

It was a special honor for me for Mark to include me as a guest in his “My Wakeup Call“ podcast. I hope you enjoy it.

Link to: Guest Appearance on Dr. Mark Goulston’s “My Wakeup Call”