GAR-AFAPCheck out this TEDx Talks video in which Bobby Stuckey, world-renowned master sommelier, asks industry leaders everywhere: “Are you a hospitalian?”

Stuckey opens his brief presentation by telling the story of a couple who, on their 40th wedding anniversary, arrived at his restaurant – Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, CO – half an hour late and furious with one another. The evening could have been a disaster, but a server who took a moment to do something special for them managed to turn it around in an instant. Stuckey labels the server a “hospitalian.”

He then goes on to point out that, to his mind, the difference between hospitality and service is “looking out instead of looking in.” He says hospitality has to do with changing how the other person feels, rather than just doing something that they need to have done.

I invite you to consider how this principle could be applied to the client or inter-office relations at your firm – or even to entertaining your Aunt Gayle.

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