Here’s a part of what New York and Toronto Law Firm “Torys” says about itself:

Torys LLP is an international business law firm with more than 330 New York and Toronto lawyers. Our strength lies in working with clients on mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and major litigation matters. In addition, the firm’s expertise in a wide range of other practice areas enables us to focus on the needs of our business clients. Our New York and Toronto lawyers work together to offer a unique wealth of talent, experience and seamless cross-border service to clients on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border and around the world.

Video on computer.jpg Visit Torys’ Video Center and have a look at the three 3+ minute video casts. PUNCHLINE: The subject matter is pretty esoteric – one question is whether anyone (besides me) watches these presentations. Of even greater interest is the fact that they are doing videocasting at all. Personally I can’t resist the observation that whether anybody is watching or not, they at least look pretty savvy to their existing and prospective clients. Maybe your firm should consider following suit – you will still be early in the game. CREDIT: See the Globe and Mail story “Torys tunes in to latest pop-tech craze” by BEPPI CROSARIOL from whom I learned about this.