brainwritingIn most law firms, brainstorming processes are dominated by power partners or simply those with force of personality. When this happens, the scope of the process is narrowed and many participants may be disenfranchised. If the goal of a brainstorming session is to tap the brain trust of all participants, then “brainwriting” might be a brilliant solution.

In an article about brainwriting published in Fast Company, Rebecca Greenfield writes:

[In her book Creative Conspiracy], Thompson found that brainwriting groups generated 20% more ideas and 42% more original ideas as compared to traditional brainstorming groups. “I was shocked to find there’s not a single published study in which a face-to-face brainstorming group outperforms a brainwriting group,” she said.

Have a look at the article and the accompanying video (which is less than four minutes long). Let me know what you think about this approach, or any other matter, either in the comments section below, or directly via email.