At Edge International we are often asked about how lawyers and their firms might be different from place to place around the world.    One of my stock answers is that many people misinterpret the propensity of the Brits to avoid hyperbole to mean that they are not aggressive.  There is a reason why they once ruled the world and their legal profession seems to be bent on repeating the feat.

According to a post today at LAWFUEL, "Lovells, the law firm, is to launch an alliance with nine Chinese counterparts, in the latest sign of the English legal profession’s aggressive efforts to export its services to big economies where foreign lawyers are restricted."  (Note, not one or two or three, but NINE!

As well, "China is one of a number of leading emerging economies being lobbied by the British government and legal industry representatives to scrap restrictions on foreign lawyers."

PUNCHLINE:  The Brits have never stopped thinking globally – many Americans have not started.  (There are notable exceptions of course but if I were placing a bet on world domination, my gold coin goes on the British square.)  Your thoughts?