Yesterday my wife, Bethany, and I visited the wisdom of Bruce Marcus (and his brilliant wife, Mana) at their lovely Connecticut home – those bricks you see behind us are the Marcus fireplace so I guess you could describe it as a "fireside chat".  (He is the author of no less than 15 books, including his fabulous Clients at the Core.)

I was privileged to listen to some of Bruce’s latest ideas about the legal profession.  For example, he believes that our profession is reaching a "tipping point" – if you follow either The Marcus Letter or his blog, The Marcus Perspective,  (I recommend both), you will soon be reading about his latest provocative thoughts.

Some consultants focus on the very practical but Bruce is more demanding for us – he is a visionary who knows what is possible and therefore has little patience for excessive compromise.

If you are not familiar with Bruce’s offerings, check him out – I think you will be richly rewarded.