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A Great Lawyer Building Healthy Minds in Healthy Bodies

It is my pleasure to introduce you to an extraordinary lawyer, educator and philanthropist, Tom Bean, of 150 year old law firm Verrill Dana in Boston, whose practice focuses on businesses that are experiencing financial distress. Tom is also cofounder and chair of the advisory board of the Spark Academy – and a self-described “head … Continue Reading

“Do, Don’t Say !” Seth Godin simply nails it.

Sorry for offering the punchline in the title… but Yoda would be so proud (of Seth Godin) Extract from Seth Godin’s blogpost: Won’t get fooled again  If you catch yourself making a promise that’s been made before, stop. Don’t spend a lot of time and effort building credibility with this sort of promising, because it … Continue Reading

Welcome to Edge International, Pam Woldow !

My Edge International partner, Jordan Furlong, has done a nice welcome piece on Pam Woldow already (at his Law 21 blog) but I thought I would echo that Edge International is so very proud and delighted to have her on board. Also, thank you to friends who have joined us in congratulating Pam, like Valorem’s awesome founder, … Continue Reading

Guru to the Gurus: David Maister

Nearly three decades ago, in the early days of Edge International, there was only one writer in the area of managing a professional firm that commanded our unqualified respect and attention. That was David Maister. “Managing the Professional Services Firm” is the Bible, according to many leaders of some of the largest professional service firms … Continue Reading

Valorem’s Nicole Auerbach in TOP 50

Nicole Auerbach is one of the adventurous Big Firm refugees that founded Valorem, a genuine "Alternative Billing Arrangements" firm.  Here’s a quote from Nicole’s bio: The billable hour is an antiquated, inefficient and a potentially unethical measure of value provided. To be named one of the Top 50 Women Lawyers in Illinois in the 2010 … Continue Reading

THANK YOU Patrick Lamb for your “WOW” post

Patrick Lamb is synonymous with Valorem Law Group which is a driving force in changing how legal services are valued and acquired. After learning that Jordan Furlong was joining us, here’s (an excerpt from) what he posted: It’s like adding Wayne Gretzky in his prime to the team that already was the best team in … Continue Reading

Edge International proudly annouces Jordan Furlong

It is a proud day for all of us at Edge to add such a distinguished partner.  After law school, Jordan articled with one of Canada’s leading law firms and then opted for a career in legal journalism culminating with more than 10 years as editor-in-chief of the Canadian Bar Associations distinguished well respected National … Continue Reading

The rest of the world is counting on you, Americans!

Americans!!  You are the only ones who can participate in your upcoming election so on behalf of foreigners like me, (in my case, a proud Canadian living in Anguilla, British West Indies) PLEASE get involved and please vote.  The higher the turnout, the more those of us who are not Americans can respect your outcome. … Continue Reading

Some Lawyers Get Perks for Health and Happiness

The New York Times Business section included an article yesterday called:  For Lawyers, Perks to Fit a Lifestyle. The article alluded to a variety of perks including money, candied apples, milkshakes, car discounts, valet services, wine, office parties, in-office gourmet meals on silver platters, nap rooms, child care, emergency nanny services, sabbaticals and even an … Continue Reading

Hero: Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry asks lawyers to sacrifice

Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry — fired by Musharraf Saturday — in a phone call to a gathering of lawyers urged them to go to "every corner of Pakistan and give the message that this is the time to sacrifice." This in the face of: "Baton-wielding police fought with lawyers outside courthouses in Islamabad and … Continue Reading

Police Use Tear Gas and Batons against Lawyers!

Pakistan attacks the rule of law and beats on lawyers who were attempting to peacefully protest for the most fundamental rights available to human beings.  Every lawyer in the world feels the pain of every brutal blow of the oppressing regime’s batons on our profession.  This is not a political blog but it is about … Continue Reading

Want competitive advantage? Use proper names!

If you want existing clients to like you as much as possible and even more so prospective clients then use proper names in conversation.  Now there’s PROOF if you need it.   Most probable reasons you may not be using proper names in conversations: You are not completely certain you remember (or pronounce) the name right … Continue Reading

In Memory of the Billable Hour

“Ford & Harrison, a 190-attorney labor and employment firm, has tossed out billable-hour requirements for first-year associates. The program aims to close the practical-skills gap of law school education and increase value to clients. The firm also hopes it will enable associates to handle meatier matters more quickly.“ according to Leigh Jones of The National … Continue Reading

Thank you, Patrick Lamb

My friend Patrick Lamb joined me and my daughter, Raquel, for dinner last night in Chicago.  I do not typically post about personal or family matters but I would be remiss if  I did not acknowledge with gratitude Pat’s support for Raquel’s career as evidenced by his post Vote Riskin. Vote Early. Vote Often at … Continue Reading

Thank you to Patrick Lamb of Butler Rubin

I am truly humbled by the praise bestowed upon my book and audio program today by Patrick Lamb in his post: Client Service Lessons And So Much More.   Patrick’s comments about The Successful Lawyer, published by the American Bar Association are particularly gratifying because I believe that client service is the most important client-relations … Continue Reading