head-1.gif Seth Godin has done it again but maybe the value of his post for law firms transcends his own intention. picklebar.jpg First, read his post, then read my following comments. PUNCHLINE: Of course I am not recommending that you give away free pickles but let’s pause and reflect here. A $30 turkey sandwich is not the low end of the market — apparently the pickles have been a draw. Perhaps even a prestigious law firm could think about appropriate added value (free) items for clients. Add your own ideas to this list:

a) free parking (yes, there are still law firms who don’t offer this). In major cities, maybe a car (we’ll pick you up and take you back); b) password clearance to a web site with access to all documents and correspondence relating to their matter (secured so no changes can be made); c) complimentary meals in our partners’ cafeteria; d) complimentary work station or office with high speed for guests while they wait — especially if from out of town; e) personalized stationery and a monogrammed bathrobe at their hotel; f) the assistance of a concierge;

OK, you add the rest. Note to cynics and skeptics: Remember how little face time we have with clients – how few “in-person visits. Do not assume these suggestions are expensive — they may be the best marketing dollars you have ever spent. What if everybody starts doing this stuff? No worries, mate, so few will do it that you will have a competitive advantage for at least half a decade — I promise.