HFSIndex2-1.gif Press Release Just 30.7% of clients recommend their primary law firm Low satisfaction drives client spending to new law firms BOSTON, March 2 /PRNewswire/ — The BTI Consulting Group’s fifth annual survey of corporate counsel reveals an unprecedented drop in client satisfaction with law firms. Just 30.7% of large and Fortune 1000 companies recommend their primary law firms. These deep dips in client satisfaction, reports BTI, promise to drive dollars into the hands a new set of law firms, unsettling the status quo. “Large clients are making broad-sweeping changes in how they hire and work with their law firms,” comments Michael B. Rynowecer, BTI’s President, “These changes will translate into opportunity for a select group of well-positioned law firms.” BTI’s study analyzes how law firms can position themselves to benefit from these critical changes in a brand new report, How Clients Hire, Fire and Spend: Landing the World’s Best Clients. BTI found an astonishing 53.7% of clients ousted their primary law firms in the past 18 months. More than 50% of clients also reported they plan to try at least one new law firm for substantive matters in 2006. BTI conducted more than 200 independent, individual interviews with corporate counsel at Fortune 1000 companies and large organizations each year for the past five years. Find information on BTI’s How Clients Hire, Fire and Spend: Landing the World’s Best Clients and other compelling research in the legal services industry on BTI’s website at http://www.bticonsulting.com or contact BTI at (617) 439-0333. BTI is the leader in providing high-impact market and client research to law firms and General Counsel. For details, contact: Michael B. Rynowecer Phone (617) 439-0333 mrynowecer@bticonsulting.com FASTFORWARD: Rynowecer’s work has been extremely helpful to strategists within major firms. The trend he sites is alarming. I like his optimism that it means opportunities for many firms but it is a scathing condemnation of many established firms who are failing to Bullet Proof their Crown Jewel Clients. Could this in part be due to an ever increasing sophistication of demanding clients? Perhaps… but you know where the onus is. In my view, this should be a topic for discussion at your very next executive committee meeting followed by an action plan — it is only the firms who actually do something who will benefit from this crisis of confidence.