sizeD50_hFliped-1.jpg There are few people who can pull off asking this question let alone answering it so effectively. David Maister’s latest offering is titled: “Do You Really Want Relationships” available at his site. In “Do You Really Want Relationships” Maister will help you explore how some firms build profitable long-term relationships. Maister says: examples of dysfunctional “client as enemy” behaviors include:

Focus on rehearsing what you are going to say to the client in proposals and presentations rather than how you plan to get a true conversation going. Avoiding conversations with clients because you want either to remain in control or avoid having to treat the client as a person. Avoiding contact with clients unless there is something concrete to talk about. Too obviously trying to sell more work to get what you want rather than serve the client. Requiring that all agreements and decisions be documented and formally approved, rather than trusting each other’s word.

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