Harsh?  If killing the golden goose is stupid, then this is not harsh at all. 

Find out why 58% of (surveyed) General Counsel expressed outrage.  Find out why 84% of (surveyed) General Counsel wanted the law firms they use to contact them about associate salaries but none did.

Brilliant law firm leaders who can not empathize with the clients they serve (including General Counsel in their larger clients) are going to pay an enormous price.

If sustaining profitability is high on your agenda, read Patrick Lamb’s post called “Demand Destruction” in his famous In Search of Client Service" blog.  (In a better world, there would have been no need for this post.)

Punchline:  Within the next two years, many private practice law firms will be going through some rough times and many will blame the GC’s of their clients.  There are two sides to this story.  Some bold firms should gather the courage to communicate with their clients directly and with candor.  The best texts on negotiating describe win/win scenarios where both sides benefit.  There is a certain immaturity to the ostrich approach most law firms take to these issues – even major firms.