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The Focus Challenge – Part 2: Your Clients

Note: This article first appeared in the October, 2019 issue of Edge International Communiqué (EIC).* 1. The Legal Matter Here are some of the essential lessons I have learned after several decades of listening closely to clients, conducting my own research, and reading a myriad of surveys and research studies by others: a) Clients do not have legal … Continue Reading

Riskin’s “Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices” Named a Top Blog to Follow

I was recently honoured to find Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices on a list of “13 blogs legal marketers should follow.” The list was compiled by Steven Gallo, content-marketing manager at Reputation Ink – a content marketing and public relations agency for legal and B2B companies – and writer/editor at the InkSights blog. Gallo argues that “if you want to … Continue Reading

One Third of Law Firms Plan to Increase Marketing and Business Development Budgets in 2019

Michael Rynowecer, founder and president of BTI Consulting, reports that a remarkable one third of law firms in the USA plan to increase their spending on marketing and business development (MBD) in 2019. “This is three times more firms than last year,” Rynowecer says, “making this the largest number of firms increasing their MBD spending in … Continue Reading

Firm Shares Strategic Objectives with Clients and the Public

How many law firms have the courage to publish their strategy for their clients? At least one. The Drinker-Biddle Annual Report includes: Firm highlights, including deals closed and aggregate value since 2014 (225/$200B), new litigation matters (3700 plus), number of new partners (9), new associates (5) and many others; Strategic Plan, which sets out six objectives; … Continue Reading

The Successful Lawyer – Now Available on your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

The Second Edition of The Successful Lawyer: Powerful Strategies for Transforming Your Practice is now available in both paperback and Kindle versions. Among the kudos the first edition of this book attracted was one from Tom Peters, the highly acclaimed writer on business-management practice and author of In Search of Excellence, who described The Successful Lawyer … Continue Reading

$1600 an Hour for the Right Brand: A New All-Time High

When Michael B. Rynowecer, president of BTI Consulting Group, talks about the importance of your brand, he doesn’t mean your logo. He’s talking about the kind of profile that commands the new four-figure hourly rate that he says is “now clearly embedded in the legal landscape.” He also warns that unless law firms make their … Continue Reading

How Do Clients Choose a Lawyer? The Hidden Power of Asking for Referrals

I recently came across an article about consumer purchasing that made me reflect on my own purchasing decisions… and then led me to wonder whether those lessons could be applied to how law firms go about attracting and retaining clients. “The secret science of shopping: Why we buy what we do” by Belle Beth Cooper, … Continue Reading

Writing Tips from a Pro

Whether asked to deliver a speech or write an article for a magazine whose audience is primarily non-lawyers, many lawyers find it a challenge to present their ideas in a clear, straightforward fashion without resorting to legalese. In a recent blog post, Eric Barker offered some assistance to anyone who is stymied by the prospect … Continue Reading

Does EQ Trump IQ?

In my experience, a significant number of lawyers could benefit from “Emotional Intelligence” (EQ) training. We have accessed online testing and EQ training courses for a few individuals in our client firms. The metrics for results are anecdotal but have proven to be enthusiastically positive. In this context, I am intrigued by Fast Company‘s story, “Inside Google’s … Continue Reading

“The Curse of Knowledge”: Thinking About How We Explain Things

_______________ “People will not buy what they do not understand.” – Lee LeFever _______________ A recent article in the Harvard Business Review makes a compelling argument for not only explaining our work to our clients, but for thinking carefully about how we explain it, including what words we use. As Lee LeFever, the author of the … Continue Reading

Managing Client Perceptions of the Billable Hour

A recent op-ed piece in The New York Times by Northwestern University Adjunct Professor Steven J. Harper explores the challenges and drawbacks – both to law firms and their clients – of determining legal fees on the basis of hourly rates. The article is interesting, and well worth your consideration. Despite what Harper refers to … Continue Reading

Why you need to see Mark Zuckerberg’s personal stationery

  The irony is too delicious to pass up. Mark Zuckerberg has invented one of the most powerful communication tools ever known to mankind. Facebook has literally started revolutions. Why, then, would the most successful communications entrepreneur in history regress to a pre-internet form of communication? For the same reason Jack Welch did as president … Continue Reading

Finding Success in a Global Paradox (Keynote ALPMA Sydney 22 Oct 2010 — Password Protected — registered participants only)

  Download by clicking on image or HERE  Registered participants were provided with Password in session.… Continue Reading

Will the Legal Profession Use the World’s First Temporal Analytics Engine?

I met virtually with Recorded Future this morning for a close up briefing of how their Temporal Analytics Engine might be used by law firms.  Firms who use this can better predict the needs of their own clients and prospective clients as well.   There is so much more that this technology can do if used effectively, … Continue Reading

What magazines (and your promotional material?) might look like

(The video is 8 minutes – watch at least the first full minute then more if it grabs you) Law firm leaders You don’t need to embrace social media or love technology or even be a gadget freak to have a peak at how we’ll all read magazines and papers soon… I thought a second reason … Continue Reading

Does Social Media matter to law firms?

PUNCHLINE: If Social Media matters, then it matters to law firms because everything that matters to society in general must matter to law firms sooner or later.  Watch this and make your own decision.… Continue Reading

Peter Darling disagrees with me

Peter Darling’s accomplishments entitle him to be heard and considered – whether he is disagreeing or not.  In his June 20 post: Everyone Else Loves This Ad. Why Don’t I? Peter logically walks us through his analysis of the Luce Forward ad (below) that I praised in my post: Contemplating advertising? You had better "Nail … Continue Reading

London’s Sue Stapely Speaks – I encourage you to listen

Dear friend, Sue Stapely, FIPR FRSA is thought to be the UK’s only practising solicitor providing comprehensive strategic communications counsel, with unrivaled experience, particularly working in the legal sector. Read her July 20th article in UK’s Law Gazette: When reputations are on the line Here’s a tiny excerpt: …we should also worry about the reputations … Continue Reading