bobpic_sm.jpg Robert J. Ambrogi Thank you to Robert Ambrogi’s for his post ‘Happiness index’ puts lawyers at bottom which is a grim reminder of the under-appreciation of lawyers and the legal profession and the consequential dissatisfaction of lawyers (as well as many clients, I am afraid). MY OPINION: Many lawyers are under-appreciated because they are focussed exclusively on lawyering and do not invest sufficiently in client relations. I know that a small percentage, probably 10 or so, are exceptions to this and are extraordinary at developing relationships with their client and can interactively shape the metrics by which they will be measured creating much greater client satisfaction. The profession must invest much more in client-relations training… not by bringing in the gurus but by having interactive internal learning sessions that allow the firm’s best to pass on skills to those who need to acquire them. FASTFORWARD: Imagine for a moment that we double client satisfaction. Can you imagine the impact on the lawyer happiness quotient? I rest my case.