Bagley.jpg Constance E. Bagley, Lawyer, Author, Harvard Professor PUNCHLINE: Constance Bagley has not offered the services for which I suggest you may want to retain her but in a discussion with her I learned of her willingness to utilize her unique capabilities for the purposes I hypothesize about. I will be fascinated to see whether one or two action-oriented firms actually explore this idea with her. I will certainly be discussing this with my law firm clients. Whether you are a Managing Partner, a Marketing Partner or a Marketing Professional working in a law firm, Constance (Connie) Bagley may hold a key to your developing business, both by satisfying existing clients and attracting new ones. What if you invited Professor Bagley to address a meeting of your clients on the subject of “Harnessing the Power of the Law”? What if she could show your existing (and maybe prospective clients) the untapped value that lies in your services just awaiting harvesting by your clients? What if she could help your clients practice what she calls strategic compliance management so they can go beyond the legal requirements and convert constraints into innovation opportunities? Why Connie Bagley? Her credentials, credibility and original work regarding the value of law to corporations can help your firm pursuade top clients of the valiue you can offer. Professor Bagley graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1977, and was invited to join the Harvard Law Review. She received her A.B., with Distinction and Departmental Honors, in 1974 from Stanford University, where she was elected Phi Beta Kappa her junior year. She is a member of the State Bar of New York and the State Bar of California. She was a corporate securities partner at Bingham McCutchen and now teaches at the Harvard Business School. She has also taught at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business where she received Honorable Mention for the Stanford Business School Distinguished Teaching Award. Her practice and academic research focus on helping lawyers and managers work together as partners to increase the value created by the firm while effectively managing risk. At Harvard, she teaches the MBA elective Legal Aspects of Management, as well as being on the faculty for the Entrepreneur’s Tool Kit Executive Program. Her first two books, Managers and the Legal Environment: Strategies for the 21st Century and The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Law, are used at more than 100 business schools and law schools worldwide. Her Curriculum Vitae is 21 pages long if you care to learn more about her credentials. Go to click here. What’s in it for your firm? I have noticed while working with even large, sophisticated, blue chip law firms that individual lawyers find it challenging to quantify the value that their lawyering can bring to their clients (existing and prospective). I am suggesting that Professor Bagley has the credentials, credibility, knowledge and, by her own experience, the sensitivity to deliver that message in a way that will appeal to your most sophisticated clients. Look at some of the editorial reviews of her recent book, Winning Legally: How Managers Can Use the Law to Create Value, Marshal Resources, and Manage Risk, which is directed to no less than aspiring CEO’s:

“Winning Legally, with its clear exposition of real-world problems and solutions, is a thought-provoking resource that can only improve the performance of lawyers and laypeople alike. My best business advice to aspiring CEOs is simple: Read this book!” — James W. Kinnear, former CEO and Chair of Texaco, Inc. “Professor Bagley has done a masterful job of showing how managers can work with attorneys as partners to create value and manage risk. Armed with the knowledge in this book, managers will not only be far more likely to keep their firms out of trouble, but will also have at their disposal a set of tools to manage the firm more effectively. This is an important read for managers and the lawyers who advise them.” — Larry Sonsini, Chairman of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich and Rosati “Bagley has successfully demonstrated the value of the managerial capability that she calls ‘legal astuteness.’ Instead of focusing only on how law constrains managers, Winning Legally’s systems approach to business regulation and the practice of strategic compliance management provides managers with a far more complete and promising way of managing the legal dimensions of business.” — William E. Fruhan, Jr., George E. Bates Professor, Harvard Business School “Common sense alone is not enough to provide the ethical and legal guidelines necessary to conduct a business. Winning Legally provides the framework for maximizing profits in a manner that assures the long-term viability and growth of the corporation.” — Arthur Rock, Principal, Arthur Rock & Co. “This timely book is required reading for every business manager and general counsel. Professor Bagley has provided a practical guide to harnessing corporate legal resources with sound business judgment to maximize shareholder value.” — David R. Andrews, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs, General Counsel and Secretary of PepsiCo, Inc., retired, and director of Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. and Union Bank Corporation

Read this full Book Description by the publisher Harvard Business School Press for more of an insight on what Constance has offer: The rash of corporate scandals in recent years underscores a fact too often ignored in the business world: flouting the law holds serious consequences. Indeed, all it takes is one rogue trader, one greedy executive, or one misinformed manager to place an entire organization at risk. But respected legal expert Constance E. Bagley argues that staying out of trouble is only part of the picture when it comes to legality in business. In Winning Legally, Bagley shows how managers can proactively harness the power of the law to maximize corporate value, marshal human and financial resources, and manage risk. Through scores of classic and contemporary examples across the business landscape, this no-nonsense guide completely reframes the relationship of law to business. Bagley explains how managers can use the law as a strategic tool to help select and work effectively with legal advisers, spot legal issues before they become problems, weigh the legal risks of specific opportunities, and more. Ultimately, the responsibility for making tough business decisions lies with managers-;not with lawyers. This timely book shows how managers can combine business audacity and vision with integrity and respect for the law to build truly great and enduring firms.