The Smorgasbord Effect. Our choices are like a smorgasbord at a restaurant, so many, that we try to take a little of each and thus overload our plates. We need to return to the restaurant model, where we make a deliberate choice, and then enjoy a fixed amount of food. It has been noted by someone that we are often afraid to make deliberate choices because we realize that every choice precludes others. If we take the mountain road, we cannot drive by the lake along the valley road as well. So some people put off making a decision (like getting married) just to keep their options open. Others simply try to say “Yes” to everything. “Yes, I’ll have some of this and some of that and some of that, and, Oh look, I must have some of that, too.”

This is from Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog, in particular, a great post called Just Too Busy which brings us via Robert Harris, this and seven more thoughts about why we are so busy. Jim Calloway says: “These points are very brief so you do have time to read them.” He’s right.