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Bloomberg Law reports that the law firm Jackson Lewis has formed an arrangement with the identity-theft and data-breach management firm Merchants Information Solutions to provide legal advice to businesses that have experienced data breaches.

Gayle Cinquegrani at Bloomberg quotes Merchants’ vice president of marketing, Robert Ward, who says this is “the first program in the country” to offer legal services as part of “a bundled program” in data-breach response.

“These small businesses don’t have the financial resources to reach out to a firm,” Ward says.

Cinquegrani reports that Merchants “will pay up to a specified amount for its subscribers when legal assistance is necessary. After that, a subscriber can choose to pay for more legal services.”

With rapidly developing legal implications that vary by country and even by region, the need for legal advice for those who experience data breaches is likely to be a growth area in the legal-services field. Offering to partner with cyber-breach management firms to offer legal assistance as part of a “bundle,” or via another fee system, may become a popular option for connecting businesses with the legal advice they need.

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