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Study of Large Companies Finds More than One Quarter of General Counsel Are Women

A study conducted by the law firm Fenwick & West LLP found that in 2018, women comprised more than one quarter of all general counsel at large public technology companies such as Apple and Intel in the Silicon Valley 150 (SV150), and in major companies in the Standard and Poor’s 100 (S&P 100). In its review … Continue Reading

Black Law Firm Partner Says GCs Open Letter on Diversity Is More PR than Practice

Several weeks ago I reported on a significant initiative by 170 general counsel and corporate legal officers – an open letter, published on LinkedIn, warning law firms that if their record of partnership promotions failed to reflect the diversity of the general population, a number of leading corporations would be disinclined in future to hire them … Continue Reading

Law Firms Must Heed This GC Warning: “If you want our business, diversify!”

An open letter to law firms penned by 170 general counsel and corporate legal officers from companies across the U.S. warns law firms whose record of partnership promotions fails to reflect the diversity of the general population that they may face dire consequences from a number of leading corporations. While applauding those firms that do … Continue Reading

Law Firm Pairs with Cybersecurity Company to Help Businesses with Data Breaches

Bloomberg Law reports that the law firm Jackson Lewis has formed an arrangement with the identity-theft and data-breach management firm Merchants Information Solutions to provide legal advice to businesses that have experienced data breaches. Gayle Cinquegrani at Bloomberg quotes Merchants’ vice president of marketing, Robert Ward, who says this is “the first program in the country” to offer legal services as part … Continue Reading

Lisa Kirby joins Diversity Lab

Our congratulations to Lisa Kirby, JD, who was a consultant with Edge International from 2012-2016, on her appointment as Director, Research and Sharing at Diversity Lab. Diversity Lab is a think tank and ideas-facilitation organization that “creates and invests in innovative talent and diversity initiatives to help organizations find and keep the best talent.” Three of its recent initiatives are “” and the … Continue Reading

Cybersecurity: A Growing Area of Practice

In June, Bloomberg BNA reported that Akerman had become the latest law firm to venture deeply into the field of data security and information governance when it established an 18-person group specializing in data law. Martin Tully, co-chair of the new Akerman group, told Bloombeg that “while the breaches at Target make national headlines, smaller breaches occur on … Continue Reading

Don’t Let “Age Profiling” Slow Your Firm

I recently wrote a post for Edge International Communiqué on the perils of making age-based assumptions about our legal-profession colleagues. I share it here for those who missed it. Both older and younger lawyers can let all kinds of intergenerational nonsense get in the way of clear thinking. The misunderstandings that result can do actual … Continue Reading

Where Evolutionary Technology Meets Your Legal Practice

At first blush, you might ask what a bionic arm catching objects in mid-flight has to do with the practice of law. I assert: “Everything.” Who are the lawyers who represent these evolutionary products? Clearly, there will be lots of intellectual property involved, but I say that the list goes on. Here are just three … Continue Reading

How “Niche” Can You Get?

In recent years, boutique and even mid-sized firms have begun to offer increasingly specialized ranges of legal services. One notable example in this regard was recently the subject of an article in The Philadelphia Business Journal. Helbraun Levey & O’Donoghue was established in Manhattan in 2005 to meet the specific needs of one industry and … Continue Reading

VAULT.COM and Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) present 5th annual legal diversity career fair

(Please pass this forward to 2 and 3rd year law and lateral candidates.) According to Claude Sheer, CEO of, “The Vault/MCCA Legal Diversity Career Fair will offer a hands-on insider’s perspective of the progress that top firms are making to increase diversity and to advise minority, women and GLBT law students and associates on … Continue Reading

Diversity – Call To Action (CTA) Summit

General Mills’ Roderick Palmore According to Roderick Palmore, executive vice president, general counsel and chief compliance and risk management officer at General Mills Inc: "The statistics speak for themselves.  They say our progress in the profession has been disappointing." Attention Managing Partners: More than 100 general counsel executives of Fortune 500 companies and managing partners … Continue Reading

An improving world for women lawyers?

Two notes of optimism today for the legal profession: “Forget the old stereotypes of law firms as inhospitable to women,” said Suzanne Riss, Editor in Chief, Working Mother magazine.  “As Working Mother examined the practices of many of the nation’s law firms, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a number have been quietly changing … Continue Reading

Office stress ruining women lawyers’ lives

“Women at modern-day law firms are so petrified of appearing unproductive that they sometimes conceal cancer or heart attacks to avoid being marginalized” according to Linda Robertson, a veteran Vancouver lawyer as reported in one of Canada’s top National Newspapers, The Globe and Mail, describing a session at The Canadian Bar Association annual meeting held … Continue Reading

“Women talk three times as much as men” – WRONG!!!

PROTECT ME!!!  The Daily Mail (UK) is either the most fair-minded  publication on the planet or the most confused – in an article titled "Women talk three times as much as men, says study" the near-ending reads: Deborah Cameron, an Oxford University linguistics professor with a special interest in language and gender, said the amount … Continue Reading

Survey on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms

In July of 2006, The National Association of Women Lawyers challenged law firms to double the number of women equity partners and for corporations to double the number of women chief legal officers by 2015.  The survey released today gives us a score – tells us where we are today, and it’s not a pretty … Continue Reading

Minority women held back in private law firms – study findings are shocking

Can the American Bar Association possibly be correct?  If so, then:  "Eighty-one percent of minority women quit private law firms within five years because they get shunted into dead-end jobs and aren’t welcomed the way other new employees are, according to an American Bar Association report." This according to a news report today in the … Continue Reading

What would a female Superhero do for gender diversity?

Suzanne Lowe of The Expertise Marketplace Blog belongs to a group of which Superhero Trainer Adam Marx is a member.  In her blog post today, "Become a real live Superhero!", Suzanne opines that "[Adam’s] points have tremendous relevance for the leadership of professional services marketing". But my mind went to another topic – the plethora … Continue Reading

Big law firms are making an effort to promote women

Freelance writer Sarah Doherty follows yesterday’s article “Flexible work schedules save money, research shows” about which I posted: (You Can’t Afford to Keep Losing Your Women Lawyers)with another offering: Room at the top – Big law firms are making an effort to promote women into more visible and prominent positions Here’s how the article begins: … Continue Reading