I know that ideas from outside the legal profession are suspect — and for good reason — you have been disappointed so many times before by concepts that simply don’t apply — so why waste your time. jjantsch.jpg John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing What if this is true (and, by the way, it is): “If you expect your clients to be thrilled with your services – they will” “If you flat out expect your clients to refer business your way – they will…” “…Have you ever found yourself so excited about a … service that people [retained] you because they almost had to?” PUNCH LINE: Many professionals do not believe in the value of their services nor do they get sufficiently enthused by them. That’s just plain wrong. The reason is that professionals have trouble seeing and quantifying the value. Quantum Mechanics Physics will not let you down. Humour me — read (and re-read) this Duct Tape Marketing post called “The Power of Positive Expectancy” by John Jantsch. Suspend the cynicism and reflect.