Screen Capture from ABA Journal

WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: It is all too rare for bar association and law society leaders to speak out when profound courage is required. As a Canadian lawyer, I could not be prouder of President Martinez. Lawyers around the world must stand together to protect the the independence of the justice system. This is not a political issue, even though some would try to make it so. It is an issue as old as the Magna Carta, and every individual’s freedom depends on it. Bravo to President Martinez for words that, in these difficult times, are not only necessary but heroic. I join those who gave her this well deserved ovation.

THE STORY: At the American Bar Association’s 2020 MidYear meeting in Austin, Texas on February 16, ABA President Judy Perry Martinez attracted a standing ovation for her words in support of the independence of the American justice system. If you were not at the meeting, I encourage you to read the account of Martinez’s talk posted on the ABA Journal website, including her powerful call for fair and accessible justice for all.

No one, no one, should interfere with the fair administration of justice. And no one, no one, should have to live in fear for following the law and upholding our Constitution. – ABA President Martinez

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