pat-01.jpg Patrick McEvoy’s has another 90 Minute TeleSeminar scheduled for February 2nd and tomorrow is the deadline for a reduced registration cost. The full name of the seminar is: How To Create a Precision Niche Marketing Campaign That Will Start Bringing Results in 21 Days or Less” His headings look pretty cool:

The “Gigantic 4 Part Obstacle” you face in your niche marketing efforts that will NEVER go away. The ten biggest mistakes ALL law firms make in their niche marketing efforts. The difference between “tactical” and “strategic” marketing and why it’s killing your niche market development plans. Just how much a new niche client is really worth to you–and the answer will surprise you. Seven things you MUST do in your niche marketing and sales efforts to get results quickly. The real problem with law firm niche marketing that no one wants to talk about and–how you can solve the problem simply and mathematically. How to use “Relevancy Based Marketing” in your niche. The five step formula for getting niche prospects to call you. Follow up tools that massively increase niche penetration rates. How to attain your 2006 marketing goals with absolute assurance using the “Execution Imperative.”

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