imn_lamb.jpg Patrick J. Lamb There are many voices on the subject of the management of law firms but very few have Patrick Lamb’s depth of experience and accomplishment. Patrick continues to practice in a complex and specialized area of the law attracting and maintaining clients at the high end of the curve. I think his own track record entitles him to greater credibility than those offered by pure theoreticians. In his post, Are There Definite Rights And Wrongs For Client Satisfaction Surveys?, Patrick explores the evolution of the discussion on this topic including some of my own contributions. I liked the way Patrick summed up his thoughts:

A lawyer or law firm gains from every face to face meeting with the client, and those meetings should be as frequent as possible. Most of those meetings should be directed to providing service or exploring needs that the client has. The client satisfaction meeting, however, is critical and must be treated as distinct, both in form and in substance. It is a chance for the spotlight to be shifted from the client to the firm, and for the client to provide insights that the firm should desperately want to hear about how it can render service in a way that makes the client happier, more satisfied and more committed to the firm. This keeps the client satisfaction meetings separate in the critical spot they deserve.

PUNCHLINE: Follow Patrick’s sage advice – the most important part is getting out there and “doing it”!