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Screen capture: Larry King talks about his daily routine to Kelsey Humphreys.

In the past two years, Kelsey Humphreys, a contributing writer at, has interviewed successful individuals from a range of fields for her podcast and video series The Pursuit. Her interviewees have included, among many others, real estate mogul and Shark Tank regular Barbara Corcoran, authors Seth Godin and Michael Hyatt, self-help guru Tony Robbins and broadcaster Larry King. From those interviews she has now compiled a brief (7-minute) video in which some of these individuals talk about how they structure their days in order to get their work done, and avoid letting themselves get bogged down and overwhelmed.

Their answers range widely: from putting the kids to bed before starting a night of writing to getting up before anyone else does in the morning. Among the responses, however, there are also common elements. Many remark on the importance they place on looking after their health, and finding quiet times. They all depend on closely structuring their time. Humphries summarizes the common denominators in a brief wrap-up at the end of the video.

For anyone struggling to figure out how to get everything done, given the challenges we all face – family commitments, business meetings, lengthy waits in traffic, etc. – Multimillionaires Share 7 Steps to Structure Your Day for Success may provide some techniques that are worth trying. There is no guarantee they will turn any of us into multimillionaires, but they may make our lives a little more manageable.

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