Law Professor William D. Henderson (click on photo for bio)

Managing Partners and law firm H.R. Executives should contemplate the meaning of Indiana University School of Law’s Prof. Bill Henderson’s post: "How the ‘Cravath System’ Created the Bi-Modal Distribution."

Professor Henderson builds on the work of NALP (The National Association for Law

The Wall Street Journal has a post called: Big-Law Associates Facing 2008 Salary Cap by Dan Slater.

Here is a key paragraph from that post from which my title was derived:

"We called around to firms to find out whether associate salaries, called economically-irrational in some quarters, have finally (or, at least, for now) hit

Supplemental to my post "Sharp Pin Approaching Associate Salary Balloon", my friend and Edge colleague Robert Millard has created a post which may impacts the context for discussing associate salaries.  He explains his title: America’s Two Legal Professions with the graphic above.  Read his post for a detailed explanation.  Sometimes critical change is too subtle