Adam Ziegler Harvard Law School Library Innovation Lab
Adam Ziegler, Harvard Law School Library Innovation Lab

In an article in Bloomberg BNA, Adam Ziegler – a lawyer who manages technology projects for Harvard Law School’s Library Innovation Lab – argues that mere competence in technology related to the law is not enough for those who purport to serve the best interests of their clients. Instead, he suggests that mastery of relevant technology should be the goal.

In explaining what “tech excellence” might look like for lawyers, Ziegler sets out the following points:

  1. Mastery of tech that is core to lawyers’ mission and values.
  2. Widespread adoption of proven tech that enhances quality and efficiency.
  3. Experimentation with new, unproven tech that might benefit clients.

The balance of the article, which explores each of these areas of focus, makes for interesting – and thought-provoking – reading.

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