Patrick Lamb is synonymous with Valorem Law Group which is a driving force in changing how legal services are valued and acquired. After learning that Jordan Furlong was joining us, here’s (an excerpt from) what he posted:

It’s like adding Wayne Gretzky in his prime to the team that already was the best team in the league, or adding an all-star to a team of all-stars.  Great move, my friends.

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Now as for Jordan Furlong, Jordan thanks again for joining us,  You are more like Gretzky than even Patrick may know.

I was practicing law in Edmonton during the Oiler dynasty and saw Gretzky informally as well as on the ice.   He was a young man of values and integrity… a great contributor to the community… and always selfless… ego-less… always doing his best… and his best, we all know in hindsight, was truly awesome. 

Having known Jordan Furlong personally and professionaly for many years, I can attest to the attributes that Patrick Lamb affords him and add that he is the kind of dream teammate we so much appreciate at Edge International.  In fact Jordan inhales and exhales integrity – it’s the core of his DNA.  (Heck – he even comes from Ontario, Canada and brings endorsements – thanks to Patrick).

Jordan, (blame this on Patrick Lamb), I now pronounce your Edge International nickname to be "Gretz" from this day forward.   Welcome aboard, Gretz !