four.jpg “Law Four” from my article: “The Seven Immutable Laws of Change Management 4)Create cult-like internal promotional communications This is where your capable support professionals can shine. They can help you create imaginative ways to keep the initiative in front of your people. The internal trainer in a major firm showed me high gloss promotional announcements that were sent internally to remind audiences about various internal workshops. I asked about the “commercial nature” of the alerts and he responded that “I have to break through the noise” to get their attention. He’s right, of course. It’s like paying attention to your spouse. If you take your spouse for granted, you may not end up alone but you will not reap the rewards that would have been yours had you been more attentive. Some firms use Monday Morning Memos to catalogue progress on the action checklist, person by person. Others celebrate to congratulate for achievements (compete with cake and silly hats — perhaps tee shirts adorned by appropriate slogans). (Law 5) Law #1 Law #2 Law #3 (…thanks to Cameron Cooper of the Australian Law Journal where my article first appeared)