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June issue of Edge International Communiqué now available online

I am pleased to point out that the June issue of Edge International Communiqué (EIC)  has now been posted on the Edge International website. My colleague John Plank leads off the issue with “Charisma: The Quintessential Learning Skill,” in which he explains that while most of us know that charisma is an essential attribute of great leaders, not all of us are aware … Continue Reading

May Issue of Edge International Communiqué now available online

I am pleased to draw your attention to the May issue of Edge International Communiqué (EIC), recently published on the Edge International website. The issue leads off with a welcome to the newest principals at Edge International, Sam Coupland and Neil Oakes, both of whom are also directors at FMRC, Australasia’s leading professional development consultancy. Their expertise combined with that of existing principal Sean Larkan … Continue Reading

Alternative Fees For Litigators: Timely and Practical Advice

I am delighted to recommend to you a new book by my esteemed colleague and friend, Patrick J. Lamb. Alternative Fees for Litigators and their Clients is published by the Law Practice Division of the American Bar Association. Most law firms today are wrangling with issues related to alternative fee structures. Whether we want to … Continue Reading

How the digitization of legal services is affecting law firms’ bottom lines: and what you can do about it

  Chris Bull – Edge International partner and author of The Legal Process Improvement Toolkit  – is worried. He believes that law firms everywhere are failing to take sufficient notice of recent massive changes to consumer attitudes and technologies – changes that are already having a major impact on the practice of law. Bull is … Continue Reading

Attorney at Work Delivers Daily Ideas for Lawyers

I am honoured to be in the esteemed company of the publishers and advisors of Attorney at Work that promises “One Really Good Idea Every Day” There is no cost to subscribe and the ideas will flow starting in January. I recommend that you subscribe now Congratulations in particular to my long time friend, Merrilyn Tarlton who … Continue Reading

Edge International Review Winter 2010

We are very proud of our latest Edge International Review.    For a complete downloadable version (or just the articles you want) click on the cover or go to If you have any questions , comments or suggestions, please shoot me a note. (You can also check out our Edge International web site at… Continue Reading

Great Lakes Law Firms – Legal Market Analysis Now Available

If your firm has offices in the Great Lakes Region (or is thinking of expanding into it) there is an unprecedented and unmatched comprehensive analysis available: “2010 Legal Market Analysis Great Lakes Region” The report contains: 115 pages of detailed factual competitive intelligence 126 charts, graphs and illustrations 8 States and 10 Metropolitan Areas Information … Continue Reading

Guru to the Gurus: David Maister

Nearly three decades ago, in the early days of Edge International, there was only one writer in the area of managing a professional firm that commanded our unqualified respect and attention. That was David Maister. “Managing the Professional Services Firm” is the Bible, according to many leaders of some of the largest professional service firms … Continue Reading

What magazines (and your promotional material?) might look like

(The video is 8 minutes – watch at least the first full minute then more if it grabs you) Law firm leaders You don’t need to embrace social media or love technology or even be a gadget freak to have a peak at how we’ll all read magazines and papers soon… I thought a second reason … Continue Reading

Lawcasts by Charon QC

  I was honoured today to participate in Charon’s 114th Lawcast which you can hear at the Charon QC blawg or download it from there in iTunes format: Lawcast 114: Gerry Riskin, founder of Edge International – Law practice in these recessionary times Access all of Charon’s lawcasts by clicking on Charon’s Lawcast website logo below Charon QC is intelligent, … Continue Reading

The One Piece Of Advice You Need to Get the Fees You Deserve created a special report  from 12 experts in pricing  professional services, including, I am honoured to say, yours truly.  You can download my article: "Think of Services in Terms of Value – Not Rates" by Gerry Riskin (author: The Successful Lawyer) or download the entire 39 page report including all 12 articles by visiting … Continue Reading

BlawgWorld 2007 Launch

Congratulations to Blawgworld 2007 on today’s launch and may I express my deep gratitude for being included in the 77 featured blawgs.  Congratulations also to the other 76 included blawgers who are inspirations to me every day. Send the downloadable Blawgworld 2007 eBook to lawyers you know who would benefit from an introduction to the … Continue Reading

Thank you to Patrick Lamb of Butler Rubin

I am truly humbled by the praise bestowed upon my book and audio program today by Patrick Lamb in his post: Client Service Lessons And So Much More.   Patrick’s comments about The Successful Lawyer, published by the American Bar Association are particularly gratifying because I believe that client service is the most important client-relations … Continue Reading

Innovaction – online publication celebrating innovation

It was a privilege to be part of the Maister/Riskin sandwich.  David Maister started off with his introduction: "The Courage to Innovate" and I wrapped up with the conclusion "Death to Perfection…"  Look who’s in the sandwich: Bruce MacEwen, Patrick McKenna,  Mark Beese, Silvia Coulter,  Simon Chester, Matthew Homann, Dennis Kennedy, Dan Pinnington Sheldon Gordon, … Continue Reading

First 100 Days by Patrick McKenna

At Edge International, we are very proud of Patrick McKenna’s newest eBook, First 100 Days.  We hope you will enjoy Patrick’s solid content based on his extensive research and terrific insights.  You may also appreciate the friendly graphics. This book is an "eBook" only and available FREE as our thank you to our many existing … Continue Reading

Suggestica is launched – Your synergy may have just begun

As a Managing Partner (or other member of the senior management of your firm), it is extremely important that you look beyond the incestuous offerings from inside the legal profession. Internal thinking sometimes has us gazing at our own navels.  If you want a glimpse of the outside world but in a way that is … Continue Reading