Six.jpg “Law Six” from my article: “The Seven Immutable Laws of Change Management 6)Tell the world Do you know why betrothed people say their vows in front of friends and family — to cement their commitment. It is the same reason a banker friend told me the bank does television commercials: “not just for our customers but for our own staff so that they can see the service promise we make to our customers and as a result they are more likely to live up to that promise”. Tell the world what you are shooting for, whatever that may be – in fact, you can say it before it is so: “striving to be the firm of choice for the wholesale industry”. I am not advocating misleading or untrue advertising but I am saying it’s OK to declare what you are striving for. Your current and prospective clients will hold you accountable but that’s OK because it helps define the standard for your people and gives clarity to their target and therefore their everyday performance. (Law 7 and conclusion) Law #1 Law #2 Law #3 Law #4 Law #5 (…thanks to Cameron Cooper of the Australian Law Journal where my article first appeared)