stephanie.jpg Stephanie West Allen Thanks to Stephanie for reading my post Patrick Lamb’s Latest Punchline on Client Visits and steering me (and you) to an article titled: Embrace the ‘human moment’ at work. Two excerpts:

Often the computer encourages superficial attention to streams of data, but talking face-to-face demands focused emotional and intellectual involvement that is uniquely satisfying.

You are likely to be happier during this journey if you concentrate on building and maintaining strong relationships. And there’s no way to do that except face to face.

A THOUGHT: As lawyers, we are the ultimate rational people ignoting feelings in favor of facts, for the most part, necessary to practice law. This can make us linear as we consider business development pracxtices and Stephanie reminds us that perhaps there are subtle consequences, in this case benefits, to having more face-to-face time with clients. PLEA: Stephanie, when are you going to launch your blog – we need you out here in the blogosphere! If you know Stephanie personally, help me nag her – send her an email telling her that her friends and acquaintances are all anxiously awaiting her blog because she has so much to contribute.